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Additional Articles on the leedsengine.info Website

A few articles we have written about local engine makers cover several engine making firms, or none at all if they cover other firms that didn't make engines but were connected to the industry. As such they don't really fit in to our menu of engine maker histories.

Articulation of locomotives - A brief comparison between many of the articulated steam loco designs that have been built.

Modelling items made in Leeds - For those that would like a model of some of the Leeds built locomotives, wagons and cranes please see our list and other information on this page.

Tools - There are various tools that were made in Leeds by engineering firms. Many of these were used by the Leeds engine builders and others in the manufacture of engines etc.

Our Online Archive of Old Material

We also have a number of old articles from various publications we have been allowed to reproduce here. Click onto the links below for further reading about the Leeds engine builders and products.
Some of these articles are of very large file sizes, particularly catalogues which have many illustrations. Take care if you are using pay as you go internet or have data limits!

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