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Leeds Engines in Film

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Locally made engines can be found in a number of big screen roles. The city itself has a strong connection to the early days of the film industry. This pioneering film work is covered in the displays of the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

The Railway Children (BBC TV Version): Manning Wardle 1210 of 1891 Sir Berkeley
A couple of years prior to the film adaptation of the Railway Children story the BBC had done a TV version back in 1968, also shot on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Filmed in black and white 'Sir B' featured quite prominently in this earlier version.

Dombey and Son (BBC TV Version): Manning Wardle 1210 of 1891 Sir Berkeley
One of the key scenes in the BBC's 1969 TV mini series adaptation of Charles Dickens' Dombey and Son shows what is clearly a Manning Wardle L Class. This is presumably Sir Berkeley again.

Jerhico: Manning Wardle 1210 of 1891 Sir Berkeley
Sir Berkeley gets back to its routes as a contractors loco for this 2016 ITV series about the shanty town set up to construct a railway viaduct. The locomotive was repainted black for this role as it was felt that it's green livery blended in with the background of the Yorkshire dales too much. Not so much of an issue for it's 1960s TV appearances as these were shot in black and white.