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Leeds Engines in Film

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Locally made engines can be found in a number of big screen roles. The city itself has a strong connection to the early days of the film industry. This pioneering film work is covered in the displays of the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

The Railway Children: Hudswell Clarke 1369 of 1919, M.S.C. No 67

In the 1970 film adaptation of the Railway Children filmed on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway the emotional scene where Bobbie (Jenny Agutter) is reunited with her father features Hudswell built M.S.C. 67 hauling the train. Having fired this engine myself on numerous occasions I was always convinced that the dramatic effect of Daddy appearing from the steam on the platform was achieved thanks to a tendency of one of the injectors to leak steam, apparently some artificial means were used though.