Photographic Contributors

At the end of most photo names are two or three letters to indicate who provided the photo, the full names are shown below. Photos without initials shown belong to the editors of the site.

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Any Hunslet Engine Co publicity material is reproduced with permission from the Hunslet Engine Archives.

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Initial Contributor Name
ab Andrew Beck
abc Allan Baker collection (Accompnaying Stewart Liles's Electromobile Article)
ag Andrew Gill
ajg Andrew Grantham
ah Andrew Hardy
amj Andrew Johnson
at Angus Townley
aw Alan Wilson c/o Old Steam Locomotives in South Africa

Initial Contributor Name
bdc Bob Darvill collection (Accompnaying Stewart Liles's Electromobile Article)
bh Bob Hepburn
bjl Brian Latus
bnm Bob & Nikki McDonald
bs Barry Schilg
bw Brian Willis

Initial Contributor Name
ca Chris Arnold
cc Christopher Capewell
cm Colin Miell
cn Chris Nicholson

Initial Contributor Name
db Diane Beck
dh David Hebden
dr Derek Rayner
dt David Thompson
dgt David G Thomas Collection

Initial Contributor Name
fj Frank Jones negative, Peter Holmes collection

Initial Contributor Name
gg Graces Guide

Initial Contributor Name
hei Ian Smith Collection

Initial Contributor Name
ibs Ian Smith
ic Ian Conradi
icw Ian Ward
id Ian Dobson

Initial Contributor Name
jc James Calhoun
jca Jose Castorena
jhg John Goacher
jg John Garner
jmk John Knapton
jp John Pease
jsb John S. Brownlie

Initial Contributor Name
kh Kevin Hoggett
ks Kota Shivaranjan
kw Kris Ward

Initial Contributor Name
mc Martin Chiverton
mjw Michael Woodhouse
ml Martin Latus
mli Mervyn Lister
mlr Michael R. Lane Collection (from negatives in the Museum of English Rural Life)
mrl Michael R. Lane Collection
mw Michael Walters

Initial Contributor Name
nl Nick Lera
np Nigel Paine

Initial Contributor Name
pe Peter Excell (Accompnaying Stewart Liles's Electromobile Article)
pb Philip Braithwaite
pf Paul Furner
pgh Patrick Honey
ph Philip Hardaker
phc Peter Holmes collection
pht Phil Holt
pr Paul Roberts
pw Pat Williams

Initial Contributor Name
rc R Chilvers
rcc Robert Curran collection (Accompanying Stewart Liles's Electromobile Article)
rp Robert Patrick (Fowler in Slovakia image from Old Glory's Vintage World section)
rrb Robin R. Beck
rth Richard Horne
rw Rodger Walton

Initial Contributor Name
sb Sheila Bye
sfb Stewart Brett

Initial Contributor Name
tk Thomas Kautzor

Initial Contributor Name
unk Images marked 'unk' are over 70 years old and their authors are unknown making them free of copyright restrictions. If however you have any details regarding the authors of any such pictures please contact us (small print)

Initial Contributor Name
wik Wikimedia Commons
wsc Walter Shepherd collection