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Builder Products Notes
Bar Barran Road

Built a few traction engines in 1865 
Works History

Barc Barclay (Kilmarnock) Rail

Though based in Scotland this firm has a connection to Leeds engine building as the firm was founded by Andrew Barclay. 
Works History

Berlin Johann Friedrich Krigar Rail

Made a few Blenkinsop type of locos 
Works History

Electro Electromobile Rail

Built some electric locos, based in Otley not to be confused with the company from London with similar name. 
Works History

GR Grant Ritchie & Co Rail
Other Items

Formed in Kilmarnock by some ex Andrew Barclay workers. 
Works History

MR Motor Rail Rail

Engines have been rebuilt in Leeds or using components supplied from the city. 
Works History

NER North Eastern Railway Rail

This is one of the mainline railway companies that was formed from some of the companies that operated into Leeds from both the north and east of the city. Some locos were built in the sheds at Leeds (Holbeck) before there was a dedicated workshop. 
Works History

RH Ruston and Hornsby Rail

Built in Lincoln. One engine was rebuilt at Abbey Light Railway in Leeds 
Works History

RR Rolls-Royce Rail

This engineering company took over the Sentinel company and continued building a few engines at Shrewsbury. 

RS Robert Stephenson Rail

Some of the early ploughing engines were built by this maker on behalf of John Fowler prior to him stetting up the Steam Plough works in Leeds. 
Works History

RSH Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn (Darlington etc) Rail

Though based in the North East there are a couple of links to Leeds engine building. Many of the locomotive orders built at the Round Foundry were subcontracted from Robert Stephenson, a century later Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn built some of Hunslet's Austerity 0-6-0ST's. After Kitson had closed the goodwill was transferred to RSH so when Corby wanted. Some of the early Fowler ploughing engines were built by RSH. 
Works History

TVR Taff Vale, West Yard Cardiff Rail

Built a few locos to Kitson design for own use 
Works History